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Avg Republishes 85%
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You are being fed news.
Published stories, Social feeds, Blogs and Op Eds- news items are covering you in real time, all carrying their own tint. But when you wish to respond to these stories you get lost. While your reaction on social sites dissolves in a pool of others comments, you really can’t reach the news maker to hear you.

This platform closes the loop. As good stories need to be debated, great ones need to be positively rated. A media neutral equal rights platform has taken up the task of tagging news items with dissections, reviews and critical commentaries by common people like you. Once such commentaries are rated, you or the original publisher can then choose to publish them at their place.

In a quick sense, HGI is a crowd sourced news review cum rating platform.In the details, this is where all dissections, counter-views and open letters for your news are available.
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HGI is Disruptive, Game changer, Revolutionary just a small improvement!