G to H- Just the time when Gawker.com died.

By Ravikiran Joshi and Arundhati Joshi


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A true trendsetter in online news

via A true trendsetter in online news

Ok, Gawker.com officially shutdown. But now many start to feel the questions that are lingering over. What actually was it all about?

Gawker was just a giant, empty page waiting to be filled, every day.

True that. Like any blog this one found a niche for the people to flock. But what were the rules?

  • Freedom to express One! ?   – @what cost to the society,  personality or a nations security [as in Assange/Snowden]
  • Creativity Brilliance or idiocy ?   -as accepted by them it wasn’t always up brilliant. And in that case such things are waste of attention drawing space.

Gawker did not invent blogging, but Nick Denton, its founder, was among the first to recognise that blogs were a transformational technical innovation. They offered a template for blowing up everything about how news was created and delivered. This was most obvious in Gawker’s tone — it was conversational, written in the manner of your supersmart, kind of funny, foul-mouthed friend, rather than the newspeak that pervaded much of the industry.

Mark it, when he says it was conversational. This attribute of the blog medium has intentionally been less used by all media houses till now. Thus making conveyance one way esp, news conveyance. Comments (when allowed) carry short messages to the author fears getting spammed and over threads, cant relate to the actual article that’s written.

Posts can be anything — inspired by a flickr photo, a blog post, news story, something you overheard, something you’ve always wondered.

Lets balance out, with most content coming off in a collaborative platform we can be sure we have a better system at hand. Call it a closed loop, any author will always be delighted to receive a great dissection or review over the his or her article. A short commenting spam or war can be replaced with a healthy sequence of select reviews each rated by a wider audience.

This is the essential current endeavor at Head Gear India. To create a media neutral, crowd sourced Review cum ratings platform for all news items and we hope it will be the one to bring that essential change needed to protect sequences like death of Gawker.com.

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