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Q: Is this only about news reviews?

A: Yes! We are talking only news here. News in the following flavors- Current Affairs, Geo Politics, Local Economy,  Tech and Music. HGI doesn’t intend to circulate specific product cum personality reviews or movie reviews in their original form.

Q: Is it India focused?

A: Again, yes. We are starting with a India – first focus. India is the best test-bed for any start-up.

Q: What languages?

A: We start with English. Later to include other major Indian languages.

Q: Will my review be edited before publishing?

A: Yes. A very minimal auto editing routine gets called on your post before it gets published. This may involve checks like nsfw, explicits etc. Then the context and quality is determined and finally a Editor at HGI approves your post for public. Its essential that your Review, Commentary or Dissection should not match more than 30% of the original piece and all excerpts are mandatorily cited.

Q: Will my review reach the Author?

A: This is the primary intent of HGI. Pingbacks and Trackbacks are enabled by default, so the original (reference publisher) site gets to know about your review post referring to them. Although it further depends on the individual to take action they desire.

Q: What about a Review of Review?

A: Though technically a possibility, its not encouraged to post a review of a review and hence stop the further nesting of the same.

Q: Do I get paid for my reviews?

A: No. Presently, all your post parts, at HGI, are treated under CC GPL 3.0 license. But in case that a original publisher chooses to republish your post in their Site. You can negotiate with them without any objections from HGI.

Q: Whats good to be here for – Authors, Publishers?

A: Well, everything. A great review is the best compliment for an article. And we want you to receive many highly rated dissections cum reviews from confirmed sources under your reach.

Q: HGI vs DISQUS vs other comment Plugins

A: Most on site 3rd party comment plugins are today flooded with unverified accounts. They only support plain text comments making it difficult to relate to the context of the original article.

Q: How do my Reviews get Rated?

A: All posts on HGI  including comments to dissections and reviews are available for rating by common readers. The rating plugin averages out the ratings with a statistical margin of error and estimates the final rating. The better the review – it circulates with a better rating and chances of reach and republishes are high.

Q: What about licensing issues?

A: All posts and their contents at HGI are treated to be under Share Alike license. A mandatory source citation is required for any quotes / references included in the post. The content thereon is treated as per the source’s licensing terms  and conditions.