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Introducing: The Facebook Journalism Project | Facebook Media

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Source: Introducing: The Facebook Journalism Project | Facebook Media

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Here’s to the main stream media a “Hello World!” kinda treatment. Facebook1-265x149-3As it literally crounched on fake stories issue and forked deliberations to Presidential levels, many knew these cries were just searching for their pie in the web.  Giving it an ethical and moral obligation they have today managed the FB to accept and some others to cringe on to their argument.

Failing financials were evident but making social media owe up to the content is moot. The credibility loss suffered by main stream papers and channels is their own making, even on their respective platforms exercises to catch up the mark were absent. In such scenario, FB’s attempt at taking the conventional with it is laudable and brave. But question is how is this project going to remain essentially journalistic?. Reason is journalism has evolved. Formats are changing, what were readers and audiences are now instant juries and critics.

As I appreciate FB to give space and share the tech with main stream, I would also like to highlight my six month long attempt at bringing transparency, format and new tech here through HGI.  To be precise here is what fits the solution.

  1. HGI offers a collaborative single platform pooling all news reviews, dissections and commentaries. As of now, no where such aggregation is available to help both scholarly or regularly readers to track issues.
  2. All such reviews carry a qualitative rating, as an indicator of factual correctness and overall acceptance. May be an extension of Likes and Reactions but being quantitative makes it more healthy and reflective of the readers opinions.
  3. Reviews incorporate dissection format imbibing the interactivity of a web forum but with precise context and issue based segregation.
  4. Attempts to close the loop between original author and the reviewers using “track back” and “ping back” tech. This is the current need of the journalistic endeavors and as per me is the only way the credibility gap be taken off.

Look forward to how best HGI can evolve itself into this FB initiative or in turn Facebook can incorporate these ideas into their project. :-).

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