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By Ravikiran Joshi


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Thou Shalt Not Comment : The Dictatorship of |

via Thou Shalt Not Comment : The Dictatorship of |

New start-up magazines and dailies do have a way of becoming famous very soon. It is through social media. For this they have to constantly engage with the audience, making them participants rather than onlookers. This is why the comments section exists. The comments also convey the general mood of the public; whether what the author writes really reflects the public opinion or not. There is no big online newspaper or magazine today which does not have a comments section.But is different. It does NOT allow its users to comment on the articles. There is no comments policy. The readers can e-mail their thoughts to the editors, but there is no guarantee that they will ever be published and they can be manipulated by the website owners just like the news they publish.

Source: Thou Shalt Not Comment : The Dictatorship of | IndiaFactsIndiaFacts

This is the thumping reason for HGI to be a reality soon. In its true potential, all published material and a publishing entity (site) will be accessible to critical commentaries, reviews and dissections. And these reviews instantly shared by people. 

The need for that single platform – a closed loop ecosystem of readers and well receiving authors- is the need of the hour, everywhere in the world.

So, its going to be very soon. HGI.

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