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This is what HGI is intended for. News comes in various quality – sloppy reporting, articulated peppy stories and then a brilliant stuff. We need a way to complete the loop and take our views back to the author of these items. We also need a great place to pool all dissections and reviews of the news pieces and opinions / edits.

Take the case study below –

Mr. Rupani represents Rajkot West in the Gujarat Assembly; enjoys close relationship with both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

via Vijay Rupani chosen Gujarat Chief Minister — The Hindu – Home

The above piece got published and subsequently updated on August 6, 2016 02:29 IST.

But the awkward reporting   earlier was –

The official announcement of Patel’s appointment will be made after the BJP legislature party meeting at 4 p.m.

via Nitin Patel set to be new Chief Minister of Gujarat — The Hindu – Home

This is either an earnest reporting or a personal political extrapolation by the publisher cum author of these pieces. This review doesn’t intend to falsify either reports but rather warns of the damages such reports can carry in a fast paced reality.

Here we demonstrate the multi quoted dissection capabilities of the platform at HGI. More than just quoted text, we intend to facilitate audio/video media and even part clippings of such media as reference quotes through the post editing interface.
Below are what may be just two quoted posts by different users on the same event.

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