Self-regulated media? Are we there now?

By Ravikiran Joshi


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Social Media 'Going Haywire', No Regulation Of News Media: Venkaiah Naidu

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There can be no regulation of the media in a democracy, feels Information and Broadcasting minister M Venkaiah Naidu, who says self-regulation is good.

Source: Social Media ‘Going Haywire’, No Regulation Of News Media: Venkaiah Naidu

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Social media has become worrisome.  And now that includes the establishment. Generally, journalism now days assumed to be full of anti-establishment and social media seemed like a counter weight to it. But somewhere in the middle the k-factor in the social post chain has gone out. That’s critically worrisome.

He said self-regulation is good and what is required is not a new bill but political will and administrative skill. Freedom of expression is best utilized only when the value of such freedom is fully appreciated, he added.

Now, how is this self-regulation possible?. Even in today’s conventional media that subjects perceive to being – Paid media, Sold media, Biased press, Presstitute etc, driving down the notion of self-regulation is near to impossible. So what’s the best close to it.

We know a Closed system is a self reliant, self regulated system that works best in its own ambit. So efforts (of both the industry and establishment) should be to drive down the audience to emulate a closed system.

In this aspect- HGI proposes and proliferates a platform for closing the gap between the news makers, their diligent reviewers.

News should be news, views should be separate…. Of late, this tendency has erupted in certain sections of Indian media, which is creating distortion, of combining news and views,

If there is a place for the news publishers and Op-eds, there needs to be a single big space for all the counter-views, Open-letters and commentaries. This pool of critiques will serve many a reasons-

  • a single point, issue based resource for researchers
  • a review sand-box for undergrads and graduates in journalistic ladder
  • certainly close the loop within the system by bringing  both sides in the know – how of each others opinion

more importantly – eliminates the 140 ch hashtag illuminated war of words. And perhaps a rational reading will drill down the sides.

So hoping to give it a try, here is a sample of self-regulated, closed media at Head Gear India.

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